Today, technology can almost meet all needs of human life, opening up many opportunities for startups in artificial intelligence. To get hold of its benefits, enterprises need to arm themselves with knowledge to embrace the future.

Aiming to build a chatbot application that not only serves Vietnamese people but also aims at the world market, Le Ngoc Tri and his team spent more than a year just to accumulate information, data and experience. According to him, to start a successful business in artificial intelligence, an enterprise needs to nurture the idea and build a solid technology foundation.

Starting a technology-based business is becoming a common trend in the startup community. However, not all startup projects are successful. Besides mastering the technology, founders need to know about the market in general and look for partners to ensure expertise in the field.

If successful, technology startup projects will bring great benefits to the founder. However, to be accepted by the market with new startups launched daily, enterprises need to gain enough experience in the field and don’t rely too much on technology.

Technology can now can meet almost all needs of a society, opening up many opportunities for startup ideas. In order not to miss these opportunities, investing time for real experience and capturing the latest information about the market are key for enterprises.-VNA