National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung has asked the State Audit of Vietnam (SAV) to complete its organisation and build an effective and modern administrative system to ensure operational efficiency.

Speaking at a conference on February 5 to carry out SAV’s tasks for 2013, Hung said the sector has made positive changes in its operation. It has spread across various sectors, fields and localities to significantly contribute to the country’s socio-economic development.

It has also played an important role in the prevention and fight against corruption and waste, he said.

Hung urged the sector to operate more accurately and effectively, increase its role in the fight against corruption, and resolutely handle violations to help finalise policies and laws.

Emphasising the sector’s need to improve its legal status, Hung said SAV is an integral part of the Government’s apparatus and the political system, adding it is directed by the Party to ensure Party policies and State laws are implemented.

He noted the sector’s increasingly demanding requirements in the new situation, and asked it to focus on evaluating the implementation of the National Assembly and Government’s resolutions.

Hung also affirmed the National Assembly’s support to the sector.

According Chief Auditor Dinh Tien Dung, SAV leaders examined 160 of 161 audit reports and issued 148 other audits, of which 10 earned a gold rating in 2012.

SAV will increase its evaluation of economic restructuring, public investment, the use of state bonds, trade and financial institutes in 2013.

It will concentrate on auditing land management, property trade, natural resource mining and management, and preventing losses from the budget.-VNA