State President Truong Tan Sang on March 5 met with over 150 poets, writers, and translators from more than 40 countries and territories who are in Hanoi to attend a number of literary events.

Many foreign writers and poets valued Vietnam’s rich literature and poetry, describing it as a source of strength helping Vietnamese people win wars of resistance and then overcome war aftermath.

They expressed their hope that the country will become the capital of the world’s poetry festival.

President Truong Tan Sang said Vietnam’s long-standing culture, a mosaic of 54 ethnic groups’ identities, is the power behind its people’s victories over foreign invasions in the past.

In the current Doi moi (Reform) period, culture is considered as a target and also a momentum of the national development and protection, he told his guests.

He said a number of global scientists and technicians have been cooperating with Vietnam for its development, reflecting continued sentiments towards the country from international friends over the years.

The leader described foreign writers, poets, and translators at the Hanoi-based literary events as cultural ambassadors who will assist in cementing Vietnam’s friendship with people around the world.

He added their presence in Vietnam is an opportunity for his country to share its cultural values and help the international community learn more about its literature.

The President’s guests are in Hanoi to attend the third Vietnamese literature promotion conference and the Asian-Pacific Poetry Festival.-VNA