Judiciary agencies have recorded significant achievements with the quality of investigations, prosecutions, judgments and court rulings having been improved over the past five years.

The remarks were delivered by State President Nguyen Minh Triet as the chair of the 24 th session of the Central Steering Committee for Judiciary Reform in Hanoi on May 30 to review the five-year implementation of Politburo Resolution No 49 on judiciary reform by 2020.

Sharing with his views, the steering committee counted the improvement in Party executive committees’ awareness of the position and role of judiciary agencies as the most significant gain during the resolution’s implementation.

The judiciary agencies have effectively handled pending court cases and increased their jurisdiction over the People’s Courts at district levels, the committee said.

However, the State leader also pointed out weaknesses such as corruption, the failure to train qualified judiciary staff and poor investment in technical facilities for judiciary agencies.

He underlined the need to establish a justice academy to provide better professional skills for the judiciary sector.

Other shortcoming such as the low deployment of several roles, the lack of sense of responsibility in a number of judiciary officials and the limited reform of policies for judiciary staff were also deliberated at the session./.