Voters in Ho Chi Minh City have voiced concerns over price hikes, unimproved living conditions of people despite high economic growth and the State’s loose management of corporations like Vinashin.

The concerns were raised by the voters in Districts 1 and 2 during a meeting with State President Nguyen Minh Triet and National Assembly deputies of HCM City on Dec. 1.

The voters also expressed worries about the unplanned leasing of land for afforestation in many provinces, the dissatisfactory settlement of wrongdoings in several ministries, agencies, sectors and the city, as well as corruption.

Voters in District 1 reported the degradation of transport infrastructure and increasing floods in the city, while their counterparts in District 2 requested municipal authorities give more reasonable compensation for those whose land was compulsorily acquired for the Thu Thiem urban centre project.

Most of the voters applauded the open and frank discussions at the freshly-ended eighth session of the 12 th NA as well as the efforts of the NA and deputies to submit to the people’s rights to supervision and representation.

The Prime Minister and ministers also frankly admitted their responsibility before the NA for wrongdoings and weakness in management, they noted.

Sharing the voters’ concerns, President Triet promised to report these issues to the National Assembly and relevant agencies to seek appropriate solutions.

The State President asked municipal authorities to consider and deal with the city’s issues properly, especially matters related to transport infrastructure, floods, illegal construction and compensation for the Thu Thiem urban centre project./.