State President Nguyen Minh Triet visited the Vietnam-German Friendship Hospital in Hanoi on May 17, and praised the staff of professors, doctors and medical workers for their skills and attitude in caring for patients.

The hospital had successfully conducted several serious and complex organ transplant operations, highlighting the increasing skills of Vietnamese doctors as on par with medical professionals in the region and aiming to achieve world standard, the President said.

He urged the Health Ministry and relevant ministries and agencies to assist the hospital, in order to make it a modern medical centre, meeting the demand for health care and treatment of the people with appropriate service quality, costs and caring attitudes.

The hospital safely conducts between 130 and 150 major surgery operations relating to heart, nerves, stomach, brain, liver, kidney and bones each day, hospital Director, Dr Nguyen Tien Quyet, said.

In 2010 alone, with 1,600 professors, doctors, technicians, nurses and medical workers serving 970 patient beds, it successfully conducted surgery for 35,000 patients, shortening the treatment period by half compared with previous times, he said.

On this occasion, President Triet visited patients at the hospital.

Prominent among them was Vu Van Tien, 53, who was among four patients who had a successful operation to transplant liver from a brain-dead person on April 15. His health has now recovered. He thanked the hospital staff as well as the President for his interest./.