State President Truong Tan Sang separately received in Hanoi on Aug. 29 foreign ambassadors who presented their credentials.

At a reception of Malaysian Ambassador Azmil Bin Mohd Zabidi, President Sang expressed his pleasure at the fine development of the two countries’ relations in many areas, particularly the economic and trade ties. Vietnam highly values Malaysia as a country attracting foreign workers, including Vietnamese.

The President proposed the two countries continue to increase cooperation in socio-economic and security cooperation, contributing to peace and stability in the region and world at large.

He asked the ambassador to convey his invitation to the King of Malaysia to visit Vietnam .

Ambassador Azmil Bin Mohd Zabidi said he hoped that with the tradition of close cooperation between the two countries, the two countries will continue to promote policies to increase two-way trade, which has reached 5 billion USD.

While receiving US Ambassador David Bruce Shear, President Sang said he believed that the new ambassador, with his experience and competence in foreign affairs, will have a successful term of working and making contributions to the two countries’ diplomatic ties.

The President highly valued the two countries’ cooperation, affirming that the US is Vietnam leading prioritised partner.

Although differences in some issues still remain to be discussed, bilateral ties in general are being enhanced and proven through the prospect of cooperation in investment, science and technology, education and training, the President said.

Ambassador Shear said the US strongly supports multilateral and peaceful solutions for the East Sea issue and cooperation in sustainable use of the Mekong water resources. The two countries need to increase coordination to look toward the goal of maintaining stability and development in the region, he said.

The ambassador said that the US public opinion highly values Vietnam ’s successes at regional and international forums and wishes to expand relations with Vietnam in many fields.

He said he believes the two countries’ leaders will have more cooperation activities toward the spirit of the strategic partnership in the two countries’ diplomatic ties.

At another meeting with Irish Ambassador Damien Cole, President Sang recalled the cooperative tradition between two countries, affirming Vietnam ’s wish to boost bilateral cooperation with Ireland in many areas.

He asked the Irish ambassador to arrange fact-finding trips to the Southeast Asian nation’s localities to inquire into cooperative potential during his term of office. The President affirmed his intention to create conditions for the Ambassador to fulfil his task.

Ambassador Cole highly valued Vietnam ’s effective use of Ireland ’s official development assistance (ODA) and expressed his good impression of the country’s socio-economic development and the two countries’ diplomatic ties.

Also the same day, President Sang received Indonesian Ambassador Pitono Purnomo, who paid a farewell visit at the end of his term of office in Vietnam .

The President appreciated Ambassador Pitono Purnomo’s contributions during his term of office in Vietnam and said he wished the ambassador will make more contributions to unceasingly developing the diplomatic ties between the two countries.

Ambassador Pitono Purnomo highly valued cooperation between Indonesia and Vietnam in economic areas, especially exploitation of sea resources, and affirmed he will spare no effort to boost the two countries’ relations in all areas./.