Building a strong militia and self-defence force (MSF) forms part of the Vietnamese Party and State’s urgent strategy to safeguard peace, sovereignty, territorial integrity, sea and islands, stated President Truong Tan Sang.

Attending a ceremony to mark the force’s 80th traditional day on March 28, the President said the MSF will serve as the key force in the all-people defence.

He said that it is prompted by the regional and world situations which are predicted to develop in a more complex manner.

The State leader stressed the necessity to strengthen the militia and self-defence force at sea, capably joining hands with other forces to protect the country’s sovereignty over its sea and islands.

Throughout 80 years, under the leadership of the Party, generations of militiamen have dedicated their wholehearted loyalty to the Party’s revolutionary cause.

The MSF members have represented their unyielding fighting spirit and courage during the national resistance wars against foreign invaders as well as their creativity and effectiveness in the national construction and development.

The force has actively participated in border patrols, and in ensuring political security and social order and safety.

On this occasion, President Truong Tan Sang presented the Golden Star order to the MSF.-VNA