Developing agriculture is a strategic issue that is extremely significant to the national socio-economic development, State President Truong Tan Sang stated when addressing an event at the Vietnam Agriculture Academy in Hanoi on April 3.

The Vietnam Agriculture Academy, whose trained agronomists and agriculture managers have so far accounted for 65 percent of the country’s total, needs to absorb global cutting-edge scientific and technological advances to help with the restructuring of the agriculture sector, the State President said.

The Academy should look forward to the position as a highly prestigious institute in the fields of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in Southeast Asia, he said.

The President, on behalf of the Party and State, presented the title “Hero of the People’s Armed Forces” to the academy.

During the resistance war against the US aggressor, 81 of the academy’s staff and 381 of its students had joined the army, with many laying down or becoming invalid for the cause of national reunification and protection.

The academy has mapped out a development strategy until 2030 with a vision towards 2050 to become a multi-sectoral research university led in human resources, scientific and technological solutions, and policy consultancies in agriculture and rural development.-VNA