State President Nguyen Minh Triet welcomed voters’ comments on the National Assembly’s operation, saying these will contribute to helping it operate more efficiently in the national construction and defence course.

The State President met with voters in district 3 in Ho Chi Minh City on April 5 during his trip to the city to garner the voters’ opinions ahead of the upcoming elections of deputies to the 13 th National Assembly.

The President called on the voters nationwide to hold on to the spirit of solidarity to defend the fatherland’s independence and freedom and work together with the Party to avert impending difficulties, shortcomings and weaknesses in the national construction and defence.

The voters in district 3 spoke highly the 12 th NA’s operation, referring to its promotion of democracy, innovative thoughts in many fields, and promulgation of various laws to meet new requirements for the country’s development.

“The 12 th National Assembly has demonstrated a high sense of responsibility to the country and people,” the voters said.

They also lauded the municipal deputy delegation’s contributions to the NA forums and its role in pr otecting the people’s legitimate interests.

They expressed their hope that the 13 th NA will strengthen its supervision work, scale up the fight against corruption, increase the number of full-time deputies, and bring into play the successes attained in the previous term to meet the peoples’ aspirations and gain their confidence./.