State President Truong Tan Sang on Sept. 19 separately worked with leaders of the Ministry of National Defence and the Ministry of Public Security.

At the session with the Ministry of Defence, President Sang highly valued the ministry’s achievements, including good performance of its functions of advising the Party on national defence and military affairs and implementation of protection of territorial sovereignty, contributing to maintaining an environment of peace and national political security.

He urged the ministries’ leaders to continue comprehensively renewing leadership and instruction on implementing national defence tasks and policies in the spirit of the Resolution of the 11 th National Party Congress and in line with the requirements of the new situation.

He also asked the ministry to take effective measures to bring Party Central Committee Resolutions into its training, raising combat readiness and meeting new demands.

At the session with the Ministry of Public Security, Minister Lieut. Gen Tran Dai Quang informed President Sang of the political security situation, social order and results of the cooperation between his ministry with the State President’s Office while raising a number of proposals to the Party and State.

For his part, Sang applauded achievements the ministry has recorded in combating crime, security and order guarantee, force development, administrative reform and amnesty work in 2011.

The State leader analysed possible factors affecting security and order in the future and gave instructions on building a crack public security force to successfully fulfil assigned tasks, contributing to socio-economic development and protecting people’s peaceful lives./.