State statistic information that was made public in accordance with the regulations of the Statistic Law and other legal documents must be disseminated in a timely, full, objective and transparent manner.

This is one of the contents of a decision issued by the Prime Minister on June 4 on the dissemination of State statistic information.

The information, which is in the list of the State’s secrets and associated with the specific names and addresses of organisations and individuals, is banned to be announced unless there is an approval from those organisations and individuals, says the decision.

It also points out that statistic organisations in the State statistic organisation system and other agencies whose function is to disseminate State statistic information must make themselves responsible for the objectiveness and reliability of information they give.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment and the General Statistic Office are responsible for publicising major State statistic figures such as Consumer Price Index (CPI), GDP growth and the number and rate of unemployed people.

Other ministries and agencies will announce statistic information on the field of their charges while the people’s committees of provinces and cities must be responsible for disclosing information on their monthly socio-economic situation and implementation of socio-economic development strategies and plans, and national target programmes.

Organisations and individuals are entitled to access and use free of charge all State statistic information declared by the competent agencies. They are also responsible for ensuring the accuracy, objectiveness and legality of the information.-VNA