The Vietnam State Treasury under the Ministry of Finance was awarded the Labour Order (second class) on May 29 for its enormous efforts and achievements over the past 69 years.

On behalf of the Party and State, National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung awarded the Vietnam State Treasury with the Order, which is bestowed upon groups and individuals who achieve excellent accomplishments in their work, creative endeavours or in boosting national development.

On May 29, 1946, President Ho Chi Minh announced the establishment of a national treasury department, the predecessor of the State Treasury, under the Ministry of Finance with the key objective of printing and issuing banknotes and managing the State’s budget and precious assets.

The State Treasury system has rapidly been striving towards fulfilling its assigned tasks, vastly contributing to the national financial strength and socio-economic development, especially since the system was re-established in April 1990.

At the presentation ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Van Ninh praised the system’s staff for their hard work and achievements.

He asked the State Treasury to take the lead in revising management mechanisms, reforming administrative procedures, applying IT and enhancing transparency so as to align their operations with international standards.

During the same event, the Treasury honoured outstanding groups and individuals in the system’s patriotic emulation movement.-VNA