Vietnamese exports to Mexico reached 78.55 million USD in April, Vietnam ’s Embassy in Mexico reported on June 21.

According to the Embassy’s Commercial Office, exports to Mexico , the second largest economy in Latin America only recorded an eight percent increase year on year. However the figures still indicate a steady increase in two way trade between both countries, thanks to Mexico focusing more and more on Asia and diversifying its market policies and Vietnamese businesses becoming more dynamic.

Commercial Counsellor Hoang Anh Dung said that in the first four months of this year, Vietnam earned 370.7 million USD from exports to the North American market, a rise of nearly 30 percent thanks to an increase in the volume of garments, footwear, coffee and aquatic exports.

The Southeast Asian nation also imported over 26 million USD worth of commodities from Mexico during this period, a year on year rise of 62 percent.

Remarkably, the value of imports recorded an increase of 110 percent in April, from 3.9 million USD to 8.3 million USD, due to an increasingly high demand for electronic equipment and cattle fodder.

According to Dung, even during the global economic slump, Mexico has still managed a positive economic growth.

The country posted an export value of more than 120 billion USD and an import value of 118 billion USD, a yearly increase of 10.1 percent and 10.5 percent, respectively, for the first four months of this year.

It also saw its GDP grow by 4.6 percent, industrial production by 3.6 percent, overseas remittances by over 6 percent, while its unemployment rate dropped by 0.23 percent to 4.8 percent during the same period./.