Compliance with copyright rules can help create competitive edges in export deals, according to the Vietnam Competition Authority.

It said that adherence to software ownership rules would, in the long run, be beneficial to businesses involved in global competition, market expansion, brand building and sustainable exports, particularly since Vietnam is now a member of the World Trade Organisation.

A recent study indicates that a 1 percent increase in the use of licensed software in Vietnam can generate about 87 million USD in gross national product, compared to 37 million USD created from the use of illegal software.

Tarun Sawney, senior director, Antipiracy, Asia-Pacific, Software Alliance (BSA) said that using legal software provided low regulatory risks and protection from penalties found during audits and reviews.

He said a new software product called Verafirm had been created by his organization, which helps companies improve the control of their business while complying with Vietnamese and international laws and regulations.

"Verafirm not only makes it easier for companies to keep tabs of their software assets, but helps them achieve better competitiveness by putting information technology to better use," he said.

"Transparency and quality control in exports using digital technology have now become the norm for developed countries,” he said, adding that Verafirm is a non-profit endeavour supported by major software publishers.-VNA