Stiffer traffic fines to be enforced hinh anh 1A HCM City police officer stops traffic violators (Photo: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) - Stiffer penalties for more than 100 traffic violations take effect this month, generating much public attention.

Under a new Government decree, drivers with alcohol levels exceeding 80mg per 100ml of blood or 0.4mg per liter of breath will be fined 16-18 million VND (720-810 USD), instead of 10-15 million VND as previously.

Those who speed, swerve their vehicles recklessly or steer with their feet will incur a fine of 7-8 million VND.

Violators who fail to obey a police order to stop, or those who cause traffic accidents, will face a fine of 18-20 million VND.

The decree significantly increases the fines for “those who use umbrellas, earphones or mobile phones while riding motorbikes or electric bikes,” from the current 60,000-80,000 VND (about 2.71-3.62 USD) to 100,000-200,000 VND (about 4.52-9.04 USD).

Those who use hand-held phones when driving will be fined 600,000-800,000 VND and have their driving licences revoked for one to three months.

Deputy Chairman of the National Traffic Safety Committee Khuat Viet Hung said the higher fines are directed at violations that are major causes of traffic accidents or threaten road safety.

“Decree No 46 deals with offences that the two previous decreess did not, such as using mobile phones when driving or driving on pavements or disturbing traffic at toll road booths and causing congestion with at least 100 vehicles queuing,” he said.

Under the decree, vehicles that run yellow traffic lights will receive a fine similar to one imposed for running red signals.-VNA