Although storm Mirinae abated late in day on November 2, heavy rains continued falling, causing raging floods in the central province of Phu Yen, claiming at least 19 lives and injuring 16 others so far, said officials.

Provincial Party Committee Secretary Dao Tan Loc told the Vietnam News Agency on November 3 that it was the biggest flood ever seen in his province, causing a panic among locals.

Rainfalls at up to 600 mm in a day and the high rising water level of the Ky Lo river have fully flooded the heart of Song Cau town.

Many locations are submerged and isolated, which have blocked rescue forces from getting to the scene, thus leaving over 300 local families stranded in flood water.

Strong flood currents also swept away a wooden bridge while inundating 145 vessels and damaging nearly 5,800 houses.

Loc added that the provincial administration has ordered grassroots authorities to move all residents along the embankments of the Ba river to higher and safer ground on the afternoon of November 3.

The province has also asked the neighbouring province of Khanh Hoa to send more motor boats to rescue residents from Tuy An and Dong Xuan districts, who are still stranded in flooded areas.

The central Government has agreed to send helicopters to lift out the victims but the flights have been cancelled due to the bad weather, the senior official added.

By 13 pm on the same day, Binh Dinh province reported four dead, two missing and 15 injured people due to the storm and floods. As many as 127 houses collapsed while nearly 2,500 others were heavily damaged.

Floods caused by the storm left four dead and 14 missing in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai./.