Vietnam needs to have a long-term strategy for farm produce to enter the US market effectively, experts have said.

According to the Vietnamese Trade Office in the US , Vietnamese farm produce to the US was diverse and saw recent changes.

For example, fresh fruit and vegetables from Vietnam , not canned products, are now preferred in the US market.

At present, the US imports 36 varieties of vegetables from Vietnam with a value of 1.1 million USD so far this year.

Of the export items, dragon fruit earned 624,800 USD in the first two months of the year, a year-on-year increase of 170.9 percent.

Other products winning high praise from US consumers were pineapple, passionfruit juice, lychee, mangosteen, sapodilla, star apple and rambutan, cucumber, corn and mushroom.

Trade experts said that despite Vietnam ’s significant opportunities for fruit and vegetable exports to the US , enterprises must pay attention to product hygiene to meet the high standards of the market.-VNA