Given the rising number of traffic accidents, five students from Hanoi University of Science and Technology and Foreign Trade University have devised an initiative of smart helmets called Mubahi.

Small but mighty, the smart-helmet has beaten other rivals to win one of the most prestigious competitions for college start-ups - the Kawai Business Startup Competition.

Helmet bearers can receive, make phone calls, and check messages when on the road. The helmet can also notify the user’s friends and family in case of an accident.

A microphone and speakers glued on the side of the helmet allows drivers to answer and make phone calls with a single press of a button without pulling out their phones. They can even listen to text messages thanks to the helmet’s integrated Google voice.

Rewards for the first prize are great momentum for Mubahi to develop.
Passion and youth are priceless assets which they used on the project. The success of Mubahi not only greatly contributes to society but also inspires students to embark on startup journeys. -VNA