Statistics show that as many as 200,000 graduates cannot find jobs in Vietnam at present. However, some students work while studying, which helps them earn money and gain experience for their future career.

Since his 3rd year at university,  Nguyễn Tất Thành has been an intern at a software company, which suits his major. Now, although Thanh has not graduated yet, he is employed with an income of nearly 876 USD per month.

Getting a job that suits their major is a desire for all students. Having to study while undertaking huge workloads, many students have handled the pressure to gain initial success in their career.

Thanks to his efforts, Nguyen Xuan Bach has been invited to work for a business in Japan, with a starting salary of roughly 2,600 USD per month.

The extra job helps the students understand their strengths and weaknesses. Unemployment is common for students if they do not work hard while studying at school.

Theory must go together with practice. Internships not only help the students have more money but also equip them with experience essential for their future careers. And the door is open to those who dare to challenge themselves.-VNA