Twenty-five volunteer students from Ho Chi Minh City-based universities have been present at the Hon Me Wildlife Rescue Station in Hon Dat district, southern Kien Giang province from June 26-28 to join wildlife protection activities.

This is the first programme held by the Wildlife At Risks (WAR) to help its student members learn about wildlife protection and make contributions to the rescue of wild animals.

Accordingly, participating students have built and painted cages for wild animals, provided care for them and delivered leaflets on wildlife care and protection for local people. They have also taken photographs on wildlife to serve research work.

Through these activities, they have been equipped with knowledge and skills relating to wildlife protection.

Jointly established by WAR and Kien Giang province’s Forest Management Department in April 2008, the 3-ha Hon Me Wildlife Rescue Station is now home to more than 50 individuals of rare animal species, including Tibetan and Malayan bears, yellow-cheeked gibbon, pygmy slow loris and pond turtle.-VNA