With Dao ethnic people’s love-duet singing gradually falling into oblivion, study clubs led by veteran Dang Hong Quan from Tran Yen district, Yen Bai province has organised classes to teach locals Dao language and folk songs. From only four or five participants in the beginning, there are now 30-40 people who attend.

The classes have helped preserve the Dao language and the traditional arts.

Dang Hong Quan has been collecting, recording and modifying Dao folk songs to modernise them, before passing them on to the next generation to preserve the rhythms of Dao people.

With his enthusiasm, Quan has kept the traditional values of his race blooming ​​in his hometown.

Tran Yen district is among Yen Bai’s leading localities in study promotion activities. The district has built six study encouragement clubs in the community.

Dozens of study clubs within Yen Bai province have contributed not only to the preservation of local traditional cultural values, but also to the development of new cultural values.-VNA