The presence of many giant retailers in Vietnam is expected to create new distributing channels for domestic agricultural products, giving local farm produce more chances to enter foreign markets, according to the Nong nghiep Vietnam (Vietnam Agriculture) Newspaper.

During the last 16 years, Big C, the French supermarket chain under the umbrella of Casino Group, has exported Vietnamese goods, mainly garments, farm and aquatic products and rattan fine art products to Casino branches in various countries, with around 1,100 containers each year, said Ho Quoc Nguyen, director of public relations at Big C Supermarket.

According to Nguyen, shrimps, fish and cuttlefish have been sold to Casino branches in France, some South American countries and Indian Ocean nations, while dragon fruit has been shipped to France.

He said that in the coming time Big C will continue exports to Casino branches as this is one of the key business activities of the retailer.

Metro Cash and Carry Vietnam (Metro Vietnam) has cooperated with relevant agencies to increase local farm produce exports to foreign countries since mid-2013. In the last six months of 2013, Metro Vietnam purchased 6 million USD worth of agricultural products to provide for stores in the Metro chain worldwide.

In 2014, the supermarket exported 7 million USD worth of vegetables and fruits such as garlic, ginger, passion fruit and rambutan as well as sea food.

Although Metro Vietnam is transferring its wholesale business to Berli Jucker Corporation of Thailand (BJC Thailand), the export of agricultural products will continue, said Phillip Bacac, managing director of Metro Vietnam, saying that demands for Vietnamese sea food are growing in Metro chain worldwide.

Furthermore, there are an increasing number of supermarket chains selling Vietnamese products abroad. Last year, Saigon Coop sold a raft of farm produce to Singaporean NTUC FairPrice supermarket chain, including rice, fruits, vegetables and processed products such as instant noodle. Particularly, the partnership between Saigon Coop and FairPriceCoop to open the Xtra hypermarket has created favourable conditions for Vietnamese products to enter stores of this Singaporean supermarket chain.

Aeon Vietnam, though a new comer to the Vietnamese market, is quick to ship Vietnamese products to Japan.

Recently, retailers in foreign countries have organised a number of promotion programmes and exhibitions to introduce Vietnamese farm produce, which is a boost to local exports.

In addition, some supermarkets are building their own cultivation areas to supply farm produce meeting safety standards, with Metro Vietnam as an example.

Export activities boosted by retailers’ distributing channel will make great contributions to fostering relations between businesses and local residents, paving way to form high-quality and safe material areas.-VNA