Minister-Chairman of the Government Office Vu Duc Dam has affirmed that the Government will design supporting policies for the poor and people on low incomes when managing the price of electricity under market mechanism.

Speaking at the monthly Government press conference in Hanoi on July 30, he said driving electricity prices based on the market price is a common policy of the Party and State.

He explained that coal – the main material for electricity production - is being sold to the sector at a price lower than that to other sectors. This has not only led to coal being sold abroad but also hindered the country in encouraging projects to apply power saving technologies.

By applying specific financial and tax mechanisms, the Government will encourage businesses to invest more in modern power saving technology and give direct support for the people, especially the poor and low-income earners, he said.

Regarding the implementation of the Government’s plan to store up to one million tonnes of rice, Dam said the Government has designed policies to support major businesses in stocking, ensuring benefits to farmers and maintaining the rice export market.

During the conference, Minister Vu Duc Dam also answered questions on administrative document control mechanisms and other issues.-VNA