Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has urged the Supreme People’s Court to improve judgment quality and ensure verdicts are equitable and lawful.

The court must build on achievements over the past 70 years and address restrictions in the field to increase its protection of the legal rights and interests of the State and people, said the Party chief at a working session with key court officials in Hanoi on March 20.

He asked the court to increase coordination with relevant agencies to combat and prevent corruption, especially in reclaiming corrupted assets from major anti-corruption cases.

The court needs to improve law and ordinance making projects by proposing amendments or supplements to their contents or proposing new necessary laws in the spirit of judicial and institutional reforms, he said.

He requested the courts at all levels to enhance collaboration with judicial agencies to create high levels of consensus and democracy in the internal sector while concentrating on building the Party and political system in the State management agencies as well as improving personnel training.

According to Chief Judge of the Supreme People’s Court Truong Hoa Binh, the courts addressed 1,382,352 of the 1,411,185 accepted cases between 2011 and 2014, or 92.8 percent, including a number of serious economic and corruption cases that drew public attention.

The Supreme People’s Court submitted four laws to the National Assembly for approval, including the revised Law on the organisation of the People’s Courts, in order to institutionalise new regulations stipulated in the Constitution and the Party’s viewpoints on judicial reform.

Judicial officials proposed increasing the court workforce and prioritising expenses for information technology for the staff to facilitate the fulfilment of the sector’s key tasks.-VNA