Sustainable management of peatland resources in U Minh Ha National Park hinh anh 1Ca Mau's U Minh Ha National Park (Photo:
Ca Mau (VNA) - U Minh Ha National Park in the southernmost province of Ca Mau is currently home to about 3,000ha area of peatland, an important part of the ecosystem with high biodiversity and conservation values.

Local authorities said that forest ecosystems on peatlands in U Minh Ha National Park are capable of regulating climate, storing carbon, providing water and mitigating the negative impacts of climate change.

The province is actively coordinating with the Vietnam Forest Protection Department to launch a project on sustainable management of the peatland ecosystem in U Minh Ha National Park. The project, funded by GIZ Indonesia with non-refundable capital of 847,000 USD, is being implemented from 2021-2023.

It aims to improve the efficiency of the management and preservation of the peatland ecosystem in U Minh Ha towards climate change adaption in line with Vietnam's commitments to pollution control and contribute to the sustainable conservation and management of peatland ecosystems.

The important objectives of the project are to strengthen the protection and restoration of forest ecosystems on degraded peatland in U Minh Ha National Park, support livelihoods, and raise awareness among stakeholders about the value, role and function of peatland and peatland ecosystems to sustainable development and climate change response.

According to the Vietnam Forest Protection Department, the direct beneficiary of the project is U Minh Ha National Park. Residents living in the buffer zone of the park will also benefit from activities supporting livelihood development, and water management models to adapt to climate change. U Minh Ha National Park and local authorities are encouraging locals to actively participate in forest fire fighting, especially in the protection and conservation of peatland in U Minh Ha./.