Incense makers in the central province of Binh Dinh have gained sustainable market shares in India and some Southeast Asian countries, adding more value to the local handicraft sector.

The Bao Vy production workshop in Go Da Trang industrial complex manufactures 30 tonnes of incense sticks for export each day, making it one of the largest incense export contributors.

Nguyen Minh Nhut, owner of the Bao Vy business, said that each container of incense is sold for 500 million VND (23,800 USD), highlighting that India is the key market for the commodity.

Each labourer can produce hundreds of kilograms of incense sticks each day with the support of modern incense-making machines, he added.

Due to incense-making machine exports, other foreign enterprises are enlarging their operations, raising competition for Vietnamese exporters. The market for Vietnamese incense products is still buoyant, however, creating opportunities for local businesses to foster protective measures.

According to the provincial Department of Industry and Trade, Binh Dinh has already generated nearly 700,000 USD from exporting incense from the outset of this year. It earned a total 6.7 million USD from the product in 2014.-VNA