Swedish Ambassador Camilla Mellander has highlighted the issues on the agenda of the 132nd Inter-Parliament Union (IPU-132) Assembly as well as Vietnam’s preparations for the event which opens in Hanoi on March 28.

As a unique forum for parliamentarians from all over the world to dialogue and share experiences, the IPU-132 will play a key role in preparing the parliaments for important milestone meetings such as UN summit on new sustainability development goals in September and the climate change conference in Paris in December, Ambassador Mellander told the Vietnam News Agency in an interview ahead of the IPU-132 meeting.

As the world becomes more and more globalised, global organisation and global cooperation becomes more important, she said.

“The issues on the agenda for IPU-132 reflects this very well – the sustainability development goals, water governance, international law and cyber security are all issues where international cooperation is not only needed, but a prerequisite for action,” she affirmed.

Sustainability issues become more acute for each day. The foundation of a global cooperation to work on this is there, what is missing is concrete action and here the parliaments play a key role, she said.

Ambassador Mellander also spoke of Vietnam’s preparations for the important event, saying “from what I have experienced so far Vietnams is doing an excellent job preparing for this very important meeting. Hosting over 1,200 delegates from more than 150 countries is quite a challenge, she said.

She said she is convinced that “IPU-132 will be a great and successful event for the host Vietnam.”

The IPU-132, themed “Sustainable development goals: Turning words into action”, will be held from March 28 to April 1. It is the biggest multilateral diplomatic event ever held in Vietnam.

Over 1,200 delegates, including high-ranking parliament officials and members of regional inter-parliamentary unions and international organisations worldwide, are scheduled to attend the event.

The delegates will attend 67 sessions, discussing and adopting several draft resolutions on cyber warfare, water governance, and international law in relation with national sovereignty, according to the Organising Committee

The Swedish delegation to the IPU-132 is led by Urban Ahlin (Social democrat), Speaker of the Riksdag (Swedish Parliament). He is accompanied by six parliamentarians from four different political parties. Together they represent Sweden in two committees, the steering committee on the WTO (dubbellkolla) and the committee on Middle East Questions, according to the Ambassador.-VNA