The Van Mieu-Quoc Tu Giam Centre for Cultural and Scientific Activities and municipal authorities are working hard to restore Khue Van Cac (the pavilion of the constellation of literature) – the symbol of Hanoi.

Accordingly, only the broken parts of the work will be replaced, its status quo will be maintained.

Bat Trang bricks will be used to replace the broken ones, and worm-eaten wooden building component will be reproduced before the whole structure is trimmed with red lacquer like it was a long time ago.

A new lighting system using LED bulbs will be installed to make it brighter at night.

The project’s consultation council will also invite scientists to supervise the restoration progress to ensure that it follows all the required methods and principles.

Khue Van Cac is a two-storey complex with a square structure and eight sloping roofs. The upper floor, made of a wooden frame, has its banister engraved with eight sacred objects. With four round windows facing north, east, south and west, Khue Van Cac attracts sun light which makes it look like a shining constellation. It was chosen as the symbol of Hanoi, according to the Law on the Capital City, which was approved at the fourth session of the 13th National Assembly.-VNA