Built in 1942, Ta Phin Ancient Monastery now only remains traces with extremely unique architecture. Because of that, this place has become a popular destination for photographers.

12 nuns from the Sisters of the Christian missionary group used to choose this place to be a place of asceticism.

About 12 km away from Sapa town (Lao Cai) to the East, on the way to Ta Phin tourist village, Ta Phin Ancient Monastery is located in the middle of a mountain. Solid cliffs like a challenge of time. 

This monastery consists of 5 compartments, 3 stories, the main direction faces to the West, is both the practice and living space.

In 1945, the group of nuns left the mountain for Hanoi, so the monastery was uninhabited.

At the moment, there is no roof while the stone walls are covered with moss. Each wall and window is covered with moss but still extremely solid.The timestamp shows on each wall and brick.

People in the area said that after the border war, the monastery has become ruins like today.
Even being uninhabited for a long time, the ancient beauty and ghostly space of their old monastery is the attraction for visitors to explore and take photos./.