Saving ancient trees from the axe

Retired policeman Le Minh Thuong, 74, from central Nghe An province, has on several occasions refused to sell off his five ancient golden apple trees (diospyros decandrs Lour) for over 7 billion VND (340,000 USD).

Vice President visits AO children in Hanoi

Vice State President Nguyen Thi Doan on June 28 visited and presented gifts to children affected by Agent Orange at the Hoa Binh (Peace) Humanitarian Centre and the Hoa Binh Thanh Xuan Village in Hanoi.
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American artist stitches his way through time

Wondering how a tiny needle and colourful thread could be used to create such lively works, American artist Daniel Rueffert came to Vietnam to learn the art and has completed a 10-day course in embroidery with the XQ Hand Embroidery Co in Nha Trang in the central province of Khanh Hoa.

The truth vs the falsification

President Ho Chi Minh is not only the beloved leader of the Vietnamese nation, but also a world-recognised eminent man of culture and peace.  Many foreign experts and journalists have expressed their deep respect to the President through their writings.