Thailand’s economic recovery still uneven World

Thailand’s economic recovery still uneven

The latest data of the Bank of Thailand (BoT) shows the country’s economic recovery is still uneven as private consumption and exports rose in May while investment fell compared to the previous month.

Thai economic growth may miss 1.5 percent target

The Bank of Thailand (BoT) has warned that the country may not achieve its 1.5 percent economic growth target for this year after official August figures underscored slack economic momentum.

Bank of Thailand projects 1.5 percent growth

The Bank of Thailand (BoT) has projected the growth of the gross domestic product (GDP) this year at around 1.5 percent despite export and tourism sectors still not yet recovering.

Thai capital market not affected much by interest cut

The Bank of Thailand (BoT) has confirmed that the recent reduction of the benchmark rate by 0.25 percent is yet to create any substantial effects on the capital market as it is within the expectation of financial institutions.

Bank of Thailand maintains 2.25 pct interest rate

The Bank of Thailand (BoT) on January 22 maintained its key interest rate at 2.25 percent in the face of growing worries about the impact of anti-government protests on the country’s economic prospects.

BoT helps develop Central Bank of Myanmar

The Bank of Thailand (BoT) and the Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM) have signed an MoU on the BoT’s technical assistance for the CBM with hopes to benefit Myanmar ’s banking sector and the ASEAN Economic Community.