Provinces seek high quality investment

Vietnam recently issued many preferential policies to attract foreign investors. However, to boost foreign investment and attract quality projects, the nation should adopt selective policies that tally with investors' demands.
Enterprises plan ways to beat regional rivals Business

Enterprises plan ways to beat regional rivals

On the recommendation of economic experts at a Ho Chi Minh City workshop on May 7, Vietnamese enterprises should research better ways to stand out from their regional competition, something that will be particularly important once the ASEAN Economic Community is officially formed in 2015.

Vietnamese enterprises hold high expectation for 2014: VCCI

Vietnamese enterprises hold high expectation for 2014, with confidence that the economy will flourish, said the Vietnam Business Forum - a weekly magazine of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), adding that they are ready for a new stage of development.

TPP offers both opportunities, challenges to Vietnam

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement is entering its final rounds of negotiation. With such a game changing deal imminent, Vietnamese experts have been considering the impact to be felt by local businesses – with many warning that along with great opportunities will also be significant challenges.

Tech innovation key to growth

Experts have called on the government to implement better policies and apply new technologies to shore up the nation's financial system.

Government to support failing firms

The Government will announce new policies next month that will offer more assistance to enterprises facing difficulties, says Vo Tri Thanh, deputy director of the Central Institute for Economic Management.