FDI attraction in new stage of development Videos

FDI attraction in new stage of development

The issuance of the Law on Foreign Investment in Vietnam in 1988 marked a turning point in the country’s efforts to draw foreign direct investment (FDI). After 30 years, FDI enterprises have formed an

US aims to become Vietnam’s top investor

Since the normalisation of relations 20 years ago, the US has built its share in Vietnamese market towards becoming the country’s top investor, considering the huge potential of the impending Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement and the birth of the ASEAN Economic Community later this year.

FDI inflow shifts away from major cities

Foreign investors have chosen to invest their money in other provinces and cities during the first months of this year in place of major cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

The movement demonstrates the considerable improvement in provinces and cities’ investment environment over the past time.