Retail sector sees foreign-Vietnam M&A Business

Retail sector sees foreign-Vietnam M&A

The Vietnamese retail market has seen some mergers and acquisitions (M&A) between foreign and Vietnamese enterprises, thanks to the huge development potential of the retail sector.
Firms stock up on goods ahead of Tet Business

Firms stock up on goods ahead of Tet

More than 230 trillion VND (10.2 billion USD) of goods have been reserved by businesses and price stabilisation outlets for the upcoming Tet (Lunar New Year) Holiday.
Retail faces tough competitors Business

Retail faces tough competitors

Mergers and acquisitions are churning the Vietnamese retail market, with large domestic players buying out rivals and massive investment by foreign retailers.

Market for canned fruit products neglected

The market for canned fruit products would present an opportunity to boost Vietnamese agricultural product consumption but domestic producers have long neglected this market due to various reasons.

Foreign firms eye M&A deals as SOEs equities

Foreign direct investment into Vietnam via mergers and acquisitions is on an upward trend, underlining the growing appetite among foreign companies to acquire stakes in existing companies as the fastest way to strengthen their foothold in the country, reported Vietnam Investment Review.

Hanoi aims to ensure stable Tet prices

Hanoi businesses have stocked up and developed trade promotions to stabilise the market and boost consumption during the Tet holiday, a Hanoi Industry and Trade Department official said.

Retail market moves towards modernisation

Many giant international retail groups such as Auchan, Robinson and Walmart are likely to set up more convenience stores, supermarkets and big commercial centres in Vietnam when the country completely opens its retail market next year, said the Vietnam Business Forum Magazine (VBF).

Foreign retailers vie for the lion’s share in Vietnam

Retail giants from Japan, Thailand and the Republic of Korea (RoK) have found the Vietnamese marketplace highly lucrative and are stepping up efforts to grow their establishments and put the squeeze on domestic companies, radio The Voice of Vietnam (VOV) reported.

Consumers choose the cheaper option

Online shopping websites and mini-supermarkets offering inexpensive products have become popular with consumers, Lao Dong (Labour) newspaper reported on September 23.