Japanese cherry trees to bloom in Hanoi Society

Japanese cherry trees to bloom in Hanoi

The capital city received 161 cherry trees (Sakura) from the friendship association in Japan’s Fukushima City on November 24, reported the Ha Noi Moi Newspaper.

Changes to Ninh Thuan nuclear power plants construction

Construction on Ninh Thuan 1&2 nuclear power plants, the first of their kind in Vietnam, will be extended southwest as stipulated in new changes to their master plan approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade on June 17.

Workshop talks nuclear safety

Nuclear power lecturers and students have gathered at a seminar in Hanoi to discuss light water reactor (VVER) technology as well as post-Fukushima experience and assessments.

Students sent abroad to study civil nuclear power

Hundreds of Vietnamese students will be sent abroad for training in nuclear power courses as a preparation for the operation of Ninh Thuan Nuclear Power Plants 1 & 2, set to be put into operation by 2020, learnt Dan Tri online newspaper, quoting source from the Vietnam Atomic Energy Agency.

Vietnam lifts tests on food from Japan

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development recently decided to cease radioactivity tests on food imported from Japan as of September 1, 2013.

Nuclear power safety spotlighted at seminar

Sharing hard-earned experience in using nuclear power for peaceful purposes was the focus of discussions among Vietnamese and Japanese experts and managers at a recent seminar in Hanoi.