RoK helps Vietnam apply IT to education Society

RoK helps Vietnam apply IT to education

Education managers and experts from the Republic of Korea hared experience and information related to IT application and development in education with their Vietnamese counterparts in Hanoi.
Tra fish sector needs strong brand name Business

Tra fish sector needs strong brand name

The creation and development of a powerful brand name will help the “tra” fish sector secure a firm foothold in export outlets, especially the European Union (EU), suggested experts.

Volunteers swing into action for season of exams

As more than a million students sat for the national high school exam on July 1, volunteers with the programme Give Strength During Exam Season were busy helping candidates from other provinces who came to the big cities to take the exam.

Journey to sequence Vietnamese human genome

The successful sequencing of the genome of a people is highly significant because it is the key to hidden secrets about the history of biological development and characteristics, reported Nhan Dan (People) newspaper.

Vietnam biofuel market remains modest

Vietnam has great potential in the development of biofuels but the use of this kind of energy remains limited, according to the Vietnam Economic News on April 16.
Technology market new but promising: experts Sci-Tech

Technology market new but promising: experts

Vietnam’s technology market may be new but it has prospered and promises great potential as the technology and equipment traded have constantly increased, according to the Vietnam Economic News.

Tea industry urged to target added value

Tea production, processing and consumption have seen high growth in the past few years in Vietnam. Despite Vietnam’s fifth position among the global tea producers, its export revenue ranks only 10th as about 90 percent of Vietnamese tea was exported in the form of raw materials. Insight from Vietnam Economic News.

Vietnamese skilled workers can "make it" in Germany

Vietnamese professionals, especially skilled workers in the sectors of science, technology and engineering who wish to work in Germany, will be helped to seek job opportunities in the country under a new programme titled "Make it in Germany".