Vietnam's museums learn to think outside the box

The War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh city is filled with the fragrance of grass and rice, punctuated by the lingering smoke of cooking fires. Foreign visitors watch on as old women - once guerrilla fighters - cook the rice which will then be pressed into balls.
Upholding value of Lam Kinh cultural-historical heritage Culture - Sports

Upholding value of Lam Kinh cultural-historical heritage

The acknowledgment of Lam Kinh historical site reflects the deep gratitude of Vietnamese people towards their ancestors for their contributions to the cause of fighting against foreign invaders, protecting the national sovereignty and developing the country. Report by Nhan Dan newspaper.

Hanoi to host 4th Asian museum congress

The fourth Congress of the Asian National Museum Association (ANMA) will be held in Hanoi this October, according to the Vietnam National Museum of History (VNMH).

Hanoi jewellery show rings true

The splendid jewellery of the upper class as well as modest grassroots objects are featured at an exhibition of ancient jewellery, opened on August 30 in Hanoi's Vietnam National Museum of History.
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Archaeological discovery proves cultural similarity

Graves and burial jars recently discovered at Phoi Phoi-Bai Coi archaeological site in the central province of Ha Tinh are the same found in the Republic of Korea (RoK). It reveals similarities among contemporary Asian cultures, Hong Jin-geun from RoK National Museum has said.