Droughts and floods threaten next rice crop

Experts have warned of difficult times for the upcoming rice crop, from now to the end of the year, with serious droughts threatening the crops on the front end and severe flooding looming on the back.

Vietnam hosts int’l dam development conference

More than 800 representatives from 90 member countries of the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) gathered in Hanoi on May 25 for its 78 th annual meeting on irrigation, hydropower and the environment.

Forest fire alert level increased

Prolonged dry weather has raised forest fire risks to extremely high levels across the country, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s Department for Forest Protection.

Cambodia breaks ground on largest-ever waterworks

Cambodia on Feb. 4 broke ground for its greatest irrigation waterworks in Battambang province in a bid to increase farming area and crops in one of the country’s main rice-growing provinces.

Climate change hits the delta

In the last month of the year, daily life is going on as it has been for hundreds of years in Vietnam’s largest delta in the Mekong River basin.

Floods in India claim over 200 lives

At least 207 people died and hundreds of thousands of others in southern India were evacuated after torrential rains and floods swept away their homes over the past five days.
Climate change forecasts in the making Environment

Climate change forecasts in the making

The Minister of Natural Resources and Environment has affirmed that a national programme to cope with climate change is in the making with forecasts on temperature and sea level rises in the spotlight.

Seminar on climate change held in Hanoi

A seminar on supplying the press with information on climate change, co-organised by the United Nations (UN) and the Vietnamese Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, was held in Hanoi on June 3.

China spends more money on combating drought

Authorities in south China 's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region decided on September 3 to add 20 million yuan (2.94 million USD) to a fund for fighting lingering drought in the region, raising the total fund so far to 7.9 million USD.

Climate change arouses concern in Vietnam

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has completed a scenario which will help ministries, sectors and localities to devise action plans on climate change.