Hai Duong actively improves investment environment

Hai Duong has a strategic geographical location in the northern key economic zone. With the motto "The success of enterprise is the success of the province", Hai Duong province has applied many open investment attraction mechanisms and policies and achieved positive results.
Friendship Village supports AO sufferers Society

Friendship Village supports AO sufferers

Providing better healthcare services, education and vocational training for Agent Orange (AO)/dioxin victims is one of the key tasks of the Vietnam Friendship Village, which aims to help all members of the society integrate into the wider community.
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Then singing seeks UNESCO recognition

The northern mountainous province of Tuyen Quang, one of the cradles of Hat Then ( Then singing), is working hard to hasten the compilation of a dossier seeking UNESCO’s recognition of the musical genre as a piece of intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Migrant workers need protection: official

Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly's Social Affairs Committee Bui Si Loi spoke with Thoi bao Kinh te Viet Nam (Vietnam Economic Times) about safeguarding migrant labourers' rights.
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Grand ceremony prays for peace

A grand ceremony was held at the Princess Huyen Tran Temple in the central city of Hue on February 7 (the eighth day of the first lunar month) to pray for peace for the nation and happiness for the people.

Students hailed for role in Vietnam-Japan ties

Vietnamese Ambassador Doan Xuan Hung has praised the Vietnamese Youth and Student Association in Japan (VYSA) for their contributions to promoting exchanges and cooperation between Vietnam and Japan over the past time.
Tourism an economic locomotive to Quang Ninh Travel

Tourism an economic locomotive to Quang Ninh

In 2013, the tourism sector of northeastern coastal Quang Ninh province made a lot of new advances in all aspects. The province has made constant renovation in the organisation of tourism events and promotion activities to boost the local tourism.

Vietnam ensures legitimate rights, interests of ethnic groups

Vietnam has been implementing its consistent policy that states that ethnic groups are equal and united, respect and help each other for progress, according to the country’s national report on human rights under the United Nations Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review.
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Water worshipping runs deep in Red River delta soul

Originating from the conception that everything has holy characters, worshipping water god is an early custom popular in water areas in the Red River. An insight of the legend on the gods worshipping in the temples, pagodas in the delta, the festival of water procession, the custom of worshipping these gods can reveal that the vestiges of water worshipping custom is quite strong.