Thailand plans new rail route to Cambodia World

Thailand plans new rail route to Cambodia

Thailand’s Transport Ministry is planning to open a new rail route to link Sa Kaeo province, about 200 km east of Bangkok, with Cambodia to facilitate cross-border trade, and boost tourism around the eastern border of the country.

Thailand prepares for outcomes of the ICJ ruling on Preah Vihear

The Thai Army Chief has said local people will be able to accept the ruling of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the prolonged dispute over the area near Preah Vihear temple between Thailand and Cambodia , expressing his belief that there will be no violent incidents.

Thailand gives H5N1 virus alert on border area

The Thai Ministry of Public Health has imposed preventive measures on the H5N1 virus in some provinces along the Thai-Cambodian border after reports of continuous outbreaks in their neighbouring country.

Thailand improves hospital services near border with Cambodia

The Thai Ministry of Public Health has hosted a seminar on health services for medical staff working in provinces bordering on Cambodia, as the ASEAN Economic Community is expected to attract Cambodians seeking medical services in Thailand.

Thai-Cambodian trading zone to be established

Thailand and Cambodia have recently held a workshop on the creation of ASEAN rice market and trading cooperation mechanism. Both nations agreed to set up a trading zone at the Thai-Cambodian border.
Thai-Cambodian border clashes in sixth day World

Thai-Cambodian border clashes in sixth day

The border clashes occurring near Ta Moan Thom and Ta Krabek temples in disputed areas adjacent to Thailand 's northeastern Surin province on April 27 marked the sixth straight day of fighting between Thailand and Cambodia.

Vietnam attends Int’l Defence Dialogue 2011

A Vietnamese military delegation, led by Lieut. Gen. Tran Thai Binh, Director of the Institute of Military Strategy under the Defence Ministry attended the Jakarta International Defence Dialogue 2011 that opened on March 23.

Cambodia, Thailand border row continues

Cambodia has dismissed accusations from Thailand that it is constructing buildings in Ta Krabey, part of Thai territory, as unfounded, said a senior Cambodian diplomat on May 4.