Vietnam, US promote footwear trade post-pandemic Business

Vietnam, US promote footwear trade post-pandemic

An interactive video conference on “Promoting Vietnam - US Trade in Footwear Post COVID-19” took place in Washington DC on May 27 (US time) to connect Vietnamese producers and American distributors and retailers.
Vietnamese tra fish “stranded” in US Business

Vietnamese tra fish “stranded” in US

Vietnamese tra fish processors and exporters are worried that it will cost more time and money to put their fish on plates in the US after the country announced ahead-of-schedule food safety tests on imported Siluriformers fish and fish products.

Tra fish exports to US see 10 percent price hike

The export price of Vietnamese tra fish bound for the US has risen by 0.3-0.4 USD per kilo, 10 percent higher than in mid-March, when the US Department of Commerce levied a new range of anti-dumping duties on the staple.
OV businesspeople boost Vietnam-US ties Business

OV businesspeople boost Vietnam-US ties

The US branch of the Business Association of Overseas Vietnamese (BAOOV) will offer the best assistance to Vietnamese companies wishing to do business in the US, affirmed its President David Huy Ho.

Garment exports to US back on track

Vietnam earned 2.7 billion USD from exporting garments to the US in the first half of this year, an annual increase of 15 percent, after dropping last year.

Exporters see both opportunities, challenges in US market

Trade experts calculate that Vietnam could be faced with a range of opportunities to accelerate trade with the US this year but first the country needs to introduce a number of shrewd and appropriate solutions to negotiate various technical barriers brought in by the US market.