Work on 154 Red Cross houses begins in Hanoi Society

Work on 154 Red Cross houses begins in Hanoi

Construction of 154 Red Cross houses for disadvantaged households and families of people who contributed to the country’s revolutionary cause in Hanoi’s Ung Hoa district began with an opening ceremony on April 21.
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A village of poems in suburban Hanoi

Chua village in Son Cong commune, Ung Hoa district on the outskirts of Hanoi is known as a poem village because local people have a great passion for poems and reciting poems with many of them being poets and writers.

Guest workers to resume Libya contracts

The first eight workers are expected to return to Libya and resume work on a trial basis next week, nearly a year after their repatriation due to political chaos in the North African country.

Dyke violation crackdown in Hanoi

Dyke violations are reducing their effectiveness in the approaching storm season yet little has been done to resolve the issue, said Hanoi’s Flood and Dyke Management Department director Do Duc Thinh.

Reflections on Lunar New Year in Hanoi

Tet (Lunar New Year holiday), also known as “Tet ca” (biggest festival), is considered as the most important traditional festival in the whole country for people of the Kinh ethnicity.