Seminar looks to boost Vietnam-Laos solidarity

An international seminar entitled “ Vietnam-Laos solidarity in the construction and development of the resistance base in northwest Laos ” took place in the Lao northern province of Saynhabuly on June 4.
Lao newspaper hails President Ho Chi Minh Politics

Lao newspaper hails President Ho Chi Minh

Vientiane Mai (New Vientiane) newspaper, a major daily in Lao, on April 27 ran an article that praises Vietnam’s late President Ho Chi Minh on the occasion of his 120th birthday.

VN, Laos reviews friendship in post-colonial period

A symposium on the establishment of the north-western resistance committee during Vietnam and Laos ’s wars against the French is scheduled to be held by the end of March or early April in Laos ’s province of Sainyabuli.

Laos presents awards to Da Nang officials

The Party Central Committee’s Commissions for External Relations of Vietnam and Laos held a ceremony in the central city of Da Nang on July 27 to present Laos ’ Labour Order, its Friendship Order and Medal to several local entities and individuals.