Foreign investors increasing stock accumulation

The Vietnam stock market returns to its position as an important capital mobilisation channel, when capital flows not only come from domestic investors, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry says on its website.

M&As in real estate getting heated in Vietnam

The real estate market has been largely stagnant. While many real estate companies are looking for ways to get out of the market, many large investors want to join in. The Vietnam Business Forum reports.
HCM City prepares for new financial centre Business

HCM City prepares for new financial centre

Ho Chi Minh City ’s Department of Transport plans to kick off construction of four main roads at Thu Thiem new urban area in District 2, the city’s new financial centre, in June 2013.
VinaCapital takes over VinaProjects Business

VinaCapital takes over VinaProjects

VinaCapital, Vietnam’s leading property and investment management firm, has announced its takeover of VinaProjects, a Vietnam-based international real estate services firm.

Investors aware of Vietnam's long-term potential

International investors of four funds under the management of the VinaCapital Group recognise Vietnam 's long-term potential but are concerned about the country's struggle to contain inflation.

VinaCapital chairman Terry Mahony said: "In the short term, Vietnam still faces challenges including high inflation and interest rates, which cause pressure to investment funds."

Vietnam moves to improve business environment

Ưith increased foreign investment, there are signs that Vietnam is now moving in the right direction in invoking structures to improve the business environment such as public private partnership regimes.