Cambodian people: ‘We trust Vietnam’ World

Cambodian people: ‘We trust Vietnam’

Khieu Kola, a leader of the Club of Cambodian Journalists, said he will never forget the memories of the terrible life when his country was under the rule of the bloodthirsty Pol Pot regime.
More Koreans interest in Vietnamese language Society

More Koreans interest in Vietnamese language

An article published on The Diplomat magazine has looked for the reason behind an increasing number of people in the Republic of Korea learning Vietnamese, a less familiar language compared to English.

Engine for new cooperation: Iranian Ambassador

"Iran has set a new vision which focuses on Asia and especially ASEAN while Vietnam is a member of this regional organisation. Iranian leaders also pay special attention to Vietnam and its achievements in national development. It is proposed that Iran and Vietnam can be two wings of the economic-political belt in Asia which can be a gateway for expansion of trade and distribution of goods for each other."

Vietnamese taught for Thai journalists

A Vietnamese language course for Thai journalists began for the first time in Bangkok on January 20, in an effort to draw more interests from the Thai media to Vietnam .