‘Homeland spring’ to assemble overseas Vietnamese Society

‘Homeland spring’ to assemble overseas Vietnamese

Some 2,000 overseas Vietnamese throughout the world will return to the home country for “Xuan Que Huong” (Spring in the Homeland) – an annual event to usher in the Lunar New Year at Thang Long imperial citadel in Hanoi on January 23.

Overseas Vietnamese welcomed

Despite cold weather and rain, more than 1,000 overseas Vietnamese gathered at a special event at Ba Dinh Square in Hanoi on Jan. 15 evening to celebrate the coming Tet (Lunar New Year) Festival.

Tet gala cheers up stranded city workers

More than 25,000 migrant workers at HCM City's Pou Yuen Company and Tan Tao Industrial Park attended a special performance on Jan. 24 featuring "a happy taste of Tet".
OVs to gather for Tet festival Society

OVs to gather for Tet festival

Almost 1,000 Vietnamese expatriates will return home for a programme entitled, “Xuan Que Huong” (Homeland Spring) that will be held on Jan. 28, 2011 at the world cultural heritage site of Thang Long Imperial Citadel.

Hanoi to host homeland spring programme

The Xuan Que Huong (Homeland Spring) programme is scheduled to take place in Thang Long Royal Citadel, Hanoi on Jan. 28, 2011 to welcome the traditional Lunar New Year (Tet) festival, said the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese (SCOV) on Dec. 14.