Overall nine-month economy positive Business

Overall nine-month economy positive

Vietnam’s economy continued recovering during the first nine months of 2015 and showed improved performance from the same period last year, as illustrated in encouraging indexes.

Controlled inflation should ensure economic growth: paper

The year's target of a 5 percent increase in the consumer price index (CPI) is feasible amid encouraging results for inflation and price controls in the first six months of 2015, Nhan Dan (People) online newspaper reported, adding that the CPI and inflation control should create momentum for GDP growth.

Cutting interest rates help boost growth

The State Bank of Vietnam lowered interest rates on short-term deposits and ceiling interest rates on loans in a bid to boost bank loans, the English language version of the Nhan Dan (People) newspaper reported.

Increase in aggregate demand needed for growth

Signs of economic recovery in Vietnam have become clearer, as industrial production, especially processing and manufacturing, continued to grow, the Nhan Dan (People) online newspaper reported on September 17.

Credit growth on track to hit target

With credit growth showing a marked rise in the second quarter, the State Bank of Vietnam's target of 12-14 percent for the year seems likely to be realised.

Nation on target to hit GDP growth target

The country's economic growth will improve in the next quarter and the 5.8 percent GDP growth target will likely be met thanks to the Government's measures to increase aggregate demand, according to the National Financial Supervisory Committee.

PM Dung presents Government’s report at National Assembly

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung presented the Government’s report on the socio-economic situation in 2013, results of the first three-year implementation of the five-year plan 2011-2015 and the tasks for 2014-2015, on the first day of the 6 th session of the 13 th National Assembly, which opened in Hanoi on October 21.