Dak Lak hangs on to vanishing heritage Culture - Sports

Dak Lak hangs on to vanishing heritage

The Central Highlands province of Dak Lak is being stripped of its cultural heritage as gongs, drums and many ancient hunting knives and tools are used to feed the thriving trade in ethnic antiques, officials warn.

Hanoi on show through photographers’ eyes

Almost 200 photos taken and collected by foreign ambassadors and diplomats working in Vietnam , as well as researchers, artists and photographers from many countries worldwide are on display at an exhibition that opened in Hanoi on September 24.

Tourists return historic edicts

Ten Vietnamese royal honour-conferring edicts have been given back to the Vietnam History Association by American tourists.
Two more records recognised in Vietnam Culture - Sports

Two more records recognised in Vietnam

The Vietnam Guinness Book Centre on August 23 granted certificates recognising the Hoang Long Museum, the first private antique museum in Vietnam, and the largest version of Ngoc Lu bronze drum as Vietnam’s two records.
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Postcards tell tale of two cities

A juxtaposition of scenes from early 20 century life in Singapore and HCM City will be part of a postcard exhibition that opened on August 12 at the Cultural Youth House in district 1.