Beauty quest candidate figures ‘are improving'

Fifteen contestants from southern Vietnam (were selected) on July 21 for the final round of the Miss Vietnam2010 beauty pageant to be held in northern Quang Ninh Province next month.
Another 20 contestants from the north and central regions will be selected on July 22 in Hanoi .

Ha Long festival to take Hanoi theme

This year’s Ha Long Tourism Festival at the World Heritage site of Ha Long Bay will take the theme of Hanoi to celebrate the 1,000 birthday of the capital city.

Former Mrs Vietnam to be judge

Doan Thi Kim Hong, Mrs Congenility at Mrs World 2005 pageant, will be a member of the judging panel for the Mrs World 2010 contest which will be held in the Republic of Korea this October, said Mrs World Organisation President David Z Marmel.

Ha Long city to organise tourism festival

A tourism festival will be held in the northern coastal city of Ha Long from April 29 to May 2 next year as the city is making every effort to promote itself as a tourism destination and mobilise votes for Ha Long bay as among seven new world nature wonders.